"Her Father's Joy"

     Born May 7, 2004 to Aaron and Breanna


     Trust me.  She is not only "her father's joy".  

                 She is a joy to everyone!

             Especially her grandparents!


More concerned about the spilt nectar than that she had a friend



Can I have a hug???


Abby meets her cousin, Temple Mae

At Lory's Landing at the Zoo -- She LOVES Birds!!!!

Tee Hee. . .I know I'm so cute


MORE pictures, Ammy????   Must we???


Fighting sleep on our deck

I'm not tired. . . I'm not tired

Hey, there's kids out there. . .
Nice Hair. . .looks like Lunch. . .Mmmmmm


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Two Weeks Old. . .Pappa in awe over his love for a granddaughter