"US" means my husband, Bill and I.   I am the photographer, he is my rock of support in everything I do.   When I got my first "real camera", a Canon Rebel D300, in July of 2004, it was strictly as a fun hobby because we love going to the Colorado Rockies and I wanted to be able to do some sort of justice to that amazing landscape by having a decent camera.   I had no idea how intensely my passion for photography would grow.   I read.  I studied.  I took classes.  And most of all, I PRACTICED!  And now... I am so BLESSED to get to do what I love as a  full time livelihood.  The focus of my photography is portraits.  Beautiful portraits that make people see how beautiful they really are.  It's so amazing to connect with people, and see the result of that connection in a photo that shows their soul.  For a more up close and personal look at my story and my work, I invite you to share in my blog with me.  Here's a link if you are interested:   MY BLOG


Bill and I were pretty much high school sweethearts.  We met when I was barely into my sophomore year of high school, and started officially dating about a year later.  We literally got married, then grew up and did "less important things" like school and careers  :)   BUT the most important thing I've ever done, and that for which I'm the most proud, is raising two amazing sons, Jason & Aaron, who are now grown.  Both of them are pastors, and both are married to equally amazing (if not more so) wives, Natalie & Breanna!  Truly the lights of my life!