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What can I say.  Cannon Beach has to be one of the prettiest beaches on the planet.  Clean and pristine!   The sea stacks jutting up just off shore took us back when we first saw them, even tho I had seen pictures of them many times before.  They are so striking!   And they add such a sense of majesty to the sounds of the ocean and the cool breeze blowing while you walk.  We walked up and down the beach about 7 miles just to soak it all in.   The water was SO cold!!!  So much colder than our Gulf ever gets.  Yet, there were kids and dogs playing in the water and people wading thru as they walked as if it were just another day on the beach.   When Bill & I were walking just outside where the water was, we got an unexpected gush of rising tide, and the cold nearly knocked the breath out of us.  By the time we scurried out of the water, our feet and legs were cramping and we were gasping for air.  It made us wonder how on earth all these people were in it so seemingly comfortably!  


Oh, and Cannon Beach the town:  A-dorable!  Charming shops and walkways, the most beautiful flowers of every color, size and shape EVERYWHERE!  Blooming plants literally covered the entire sides of some of the buildings.   We absolutely loved every minute of it!