Imagine:  We just got the wonderful news that Jason and Natalie are expecting their first child.  Woo hoo!   Doesn't get more exciting than that!   Then. . .within days, we find out that Aaron and Breanna are also expecting. . .their 2nd child.   We were all so excited, and so was everyone.  Two brothers, best friends and both pastors. . .two wives also the best of friends getting to experiencE pregnancy together!   Due just a week or 2 apart!  And the lucky grandparents on Cloud 9!  


So here we are finally in labor with Natalie. . .it's been 36 hours. . . and we hear that its just about time.  Maybe an hour to go.   When Breanna, barely speaking up, says, "I think my water just broke".  Sure enough, we barely got Jason & Natalie's Jackson delivered when off everyone went to another hospital across town to await the arrival of Aaron & Bre's 2nd child, Carson Reid, just 14 hours later.   It was one of the craziest. . joyous. . .exuberant experiences of our lives.   And now we have the blessing of falling in love twice. . .double the love. . .double the fun with these 2 new babies in our hearts and lives!

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