I work for a private investment company in San Antonio, Silver Ventures.  One of the projects we are working on is restoring and developing a complex that used to be an old brewery, the Pearl Brewery in San Antonio.   It closed down in 2001, and was over 100 years old.   We are restoring old buildings, creating new ones, and ultimately, it will be the most delightful mixed use community in San Antonio -- with schools, residences, retail, food, and certainly other wonderful surprises.   I have the awesome job of documenting the whole process in photos.   All of it -- I've gotten to photograph artists at work, huge chandeliers going up, an old 100-year old train being restored. . . .it's been the funnest job I've ever gotten paid to do  :)    And since it is a project that the City of San Antonio has so much interest in, my photos are being published in various publications as things develop.    Here's a sample of some of the work I've documented in photos.


A 100-year old Heritage Oak got in the way of our construction, so rather than mow it down, we excavated it and moved it just a few yards away.  The tree is thriving in it's new home :)


The before. . . . the grand relocation back to Pearl. . .to the finished product in it's "new" home.   This train is over 100 years old, and used to transport the Pearl Beer to the big train station


Our metal working artist working on our pieces at his shop. . .to welding it in place in our event facility


The Pearl Stable -- Before and After.  It used to really be a stable to house the horses that pulled the beer wagons.  Now it is the "hottest" event facility in town.


The Center for Foods of the Americas.   A premiere upscale cooking school in the early days of construction, and now


(l) The landmark of the property, the old Brewhouse;

(r) The inside of the Aveda Institute on the property.   A top-of-the-line cosmetology school.


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