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The Lighthouse Keepers House on the Hill

Haceta Head Lighthouse

A heavy fog greeted us our first full day on the Oregon coast, creating a little anxiety for us. The plan for the day was to drive the coast on Hwy. 101 and explore the lighthouses and sea stacks. We weren’t sure how much exploring we could do given that we couldn’t even see our car’s hood ornament from the front seat that morning. We decided “we’re here, let’s do it!”.

Heading south out of Rockaway Beach, Hwy. 101 winds through dairy lands nestled between “old forest” mountains (at least they looked mountainous to us, rising dramatically 1000’ above the ocean) and the Pacific to our right. It was a sight that played with our minds the entire stay on the beach…mountains within a 100 yards in one direction and the roaring Pacific surf 100 yards the other. We were in awe the entire drive. As we drove along the sun played hide and seek, now you see it….now you don’t. The "just thick enough" fog settled over everything…not too thick to see, or to get photos… but thick enough to give it a haunting, moody beauty we don't get to see often here in Texas.

The highlight of the Tour d’lighthouse had to be the Haceta Head lighthouse.

It's a short half mile walk from the beach to the lighthouse that took us an hour to make. Every few steps we would stop and look around as the the moving fog would unwrap one more treasure for us to admire. As Sandy said afterward… “It was one of my best memories ever, and it definitely gave me some of my favorite photos that I've ever taken."

Who am I to disagree?


Closer look at the Lighthouse

Looking out over the beach as you climbed to the lighthouse    Dancing with the Birds :)    The Lighthouse Keeper's House as you pass it to get to the Lighthouse    Too good to put down I guess.  Nothing like a leisurely day reading in the fog  :)