Wow!  Look at that flash!

Soaking it all in on our last night in Time Square.

Here at Grand Central Station we honed our sluttering skills to its perfection. Tee hee.

 "S-l-o-w. . . shutter!  Or, is that "show slutter"  :)

A toast to "the other" person in our lives  :)  This one's for Bill!

We'd been walking in and out of the rain all day, so the ambiance of this great German restaurant  made for some really cozy -- and much needed comfort time on the last day of our trip.

Jen and that camera are smokin !  :)

Me & Jen & Janine at one of the best drizzly, rainy nights in Brooklyn.  Bonding over a beer and some of the best friendship one could hope for :)

Tennessee Williams

Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.   :)

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