My 2nd favorite photographer -- whose work is in framed prints all over our house.   His capture of the Rocky Mountains is BREATHTAKING! 


My favorite photographer in the whole world.    And don't think I'm biased just because she's my lovely daughter-in-law  :)

One of the coolest, funnest sites you'll ever visit on the Rockies.  And he's a Texan, just like us, lucky enough to live there, and nice enough to share his experiences with us!

Just about anything you wanted to know about Rocky Mountain National Park.   Expertly done by Dixie Manning a/k/a DeeCeeM, our RMNP Forum friend!

A community of Rocky Mountain junkies like us -- who have become like family!   Friends we laugh with, share our adventures with, pray with, sometimes cry with, and even get together with at what we've coined "stomps"!!!   

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My obsessive hobby:  weekly online photography contests with an international community of great friends & fellow photography junkies

My good friend, Dave Collins, met through my photography club and now who is undoubtedly a friend for life :)