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September 22, 1922 - January 12, 2004

This picture was taken just 1 week before she had a stroke that took her life a week later.   It was Christmas time, and we look back now and realize that God gave us this time as a special gift.   She had been in early to mid-stages of alzheimers, but at this Christmas celebration, we were amazed that she was her old self.  She laughed and giggled with us, fully aware of everything.   She even sat with Natalie and told her stories about Jason when he was little, and about her own childhood.   It is one of our most precious memories, and a Christmas we will never forget!!!    She was truly one of God's saints, and if there is anything good in me, it's because of her!  Her love was so pure.  And the example she set so noble!    Thank you SO MUCH, Mom!!!   I can't wait to see you again!!!!