The session fee for five or fewer family members is $200.  For family sessions with six to ten people, the session fee is $300.  For over ten people, the session fee is $350.  Prints and products are ordered separately at the viewing session .


DVD containing Images.  Some people enjoy having the DVD containing the images from the shoot.  I much prefer printing your photos for you to ensure the highest quality of your end product, as well as ensuring that your photos are cropped properly for the different sizes.  However, I'm happy for you to purchase the DVD if you wish for $350.  The DVD will include both the high resolution, printable images, as well as downsized images perfect for posting to Facebook or emailing.

Another option is to purchase only the downsized, low resolution versions  for $150

The session fee is due before the portrait session takes place, and product orders are placed at the viewing session.  Fee free to make your payment by cash or check.  I also accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express; however, there is an additional 3% charge for credit card transactions.  


For your information, print and product prices can be seen here:   Prints / Product Pricing


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