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Starting out thru the lush forrests
This is early on the trail.  As you go uphill, that drop-off and the distance below gets more and more dramatic
Bill just outside "The Tunnel" behind the falls
The side view of the falls standing outside the tunnel
This is what we had to scramble down to get to where we could get head on views of the falls
The view below from High Bridge.
Lower Tunnel Falls
Another view of lower Tunnel Falls

Hold mouse over picture for description

This was not a hard hike, but it was pretty long.  12 miles round trip.  The 6 miles to the destination are uphill, but at such a gradual incline, you hardly notice it.  After 2 miles or so, you have an awesome payoff in Punchbowl Falls, but you have to be sure to take the "Lower Punchbowl Falls" trail wayyyyyy down to actually get down there where you can see it head on.   Of course, we missed it, and had to loop back because when we saw it from above, I knew there was a better view of it than that.   That's okay tho -- we had already had to "loop back" to the car a couple of times.  Once for sunglasses, and once because in my early morning, bleary-eyed state, I forgot my tripod.  I think this 12 mile hike actually ended up being 13 or 14 with all our "looping back". 

After Punchbowl, we hiked uneventfully -- if you call hiking on a trail that's anywhere from 2 - 4 feet wide with about a 150-foot death drop off "uneventful".  If you're afraid of heights, this one might make you squirm.  There's a bridge to cross at about the 4 mile point called "High Bridge", and it will take the air out of you.  I got some pictures, but none that nearly do the distance below justice.  It was s-c-a-r-y!!!

About the time we were thinking, "I'm tired.  I think we missed it.  Aaaaaaand, why do we do this????????"  We came around the corner to behold majesty in its finest hour!  This waterfall -- Tunnel Falls -- was one of the most amazing I'd ever seen. It was HUGE!!  And, behind it, there was a true tunnel that you could walk thru.  But again, to get below where you can get a head on view of the falls, we had to scramble down some VERY steep "stuff", holding on to branches and ferns to keep from falling to our deaths :)   But ohhhh was it worth it!  Punchbowl was awesome.  But Tunnel . . . . NOT to be missed !