There were five kids (besides the 2 babies).   Lori & Big Al's three girls, Elizabeth, Hannah & Rebecca.   And Aaron & Jenny's two, Nathan and Caitlin.   I have never seen a group of kids that so instantly connected and played together so well.   We kept commenting the whole night -- and the next day at our Starbucks get together -- how polite, well behaved and happy all five of the kids seemed.   It was a joy getting to know them.   They are SO cute!!    Yep. . .I think it's a fair bet to say that the future forums is in good hands  :)

From bottom up, that's Rebecca, Nathan, Caitlin & Elizabeth

From Bottom up, that's Rebecca, Nathan & Hannah, and at the top, Elizabeth & Caitlin

That's Elizabeth


Nathan & Caitlin a/k/a King and Queen Funnyface

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