McGregor Mountain Lodge is the PERFECT mountain get-away.   It FEELS like you are in the mountains!  The bedroom was upstairs, and when we looked out the windows, it felt like we were in a treehouse.   One day we watched a family of deer hang out in the "back yard" like they were family friends.   And we hear, its just as likely that you'll see bighorn sheep, elk of course, and EVEN. . . .a BEAR!!!!  :)   When we were there, we made roaring fires in the morning, and thought we'd never felt cozier.   At night, there are usually cookies, a warm fire and VERY friendly folks down at the office too.   And of course, one of my favorite things was Daisy!    She came to eat dinner with us one night, then remembered the next morning how much we spoiled her, so she came visiting us again.   It really is an AWESOME place!!!!!!







After a fresh blanket of snow