Riverwood is incredible  It sits right on the river, and they have an amazing deal where you can rent a 2 bedroom cabin, but they'll close off one of the bedrooms and you only pay for the price of a one-bedroom.    What gives Riverwood the edge over all the other places we've stayed is that it has a washer and dryer in the room.   That means we don't have to pack as much, plus, it's so nice to throw things in the washer at night, and when you're ready to go home, everything's done. . .you don't have to unpack a ton of dirty clothes to wash.


But all that's nothing compared to the sound of the river rushing by in the morning, grilling steaks on your deck and watching elk mosey on into the water for a drink.  


Ok. . .I have to stop talking about it now or I'll get too heartsick to want to go back  :)





                                 RIVERWOOD ON FALL RIVER



Not a bad place to "rough-it" eh???